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8 years delivering 4 accredited Hair Extension courses per week. 18 years experience in the hair extensions game.

An abundance of students living their best life, setting up lucrative hair extension boutiques, winning celebrity contracts & Big Brother tenders. 

Our students  have created a life which allows them to work around family commitments  and are making a really lucrative income whilst doing so. Not to forget, our lot are cleaning up at the Hair Extension awards too!

You'll find that we do not offer more than 3 methods per session and the reason why is that we've tried it, and it does not work well. We discovered that it diluted the quality of training. Students felt pressured to blast through the methods as quickly as possible in order to finish the course in the allocated time frame.  You may find that you need longer than you thought to perfect the skill . It is unrealistic for a student to grasp & perform too many methods in a short session to an excellent standard.

Maximum class size is 4  which allows our students to connect and relax during their session. This gives our tutors the opportunity to demonstrate hands on, in depth, personal training. Or even better, opt for our 121 training experience and have one of our bubbly, knowledgeable tutors all to yourself.

We travel everywhere to train, & we mean everywhere! So if our training campuses are a little out of your way, why not opt for home or salon training?

We operate from dedicated hair extension training centres not hotel rooms, which means that our sites are set up with all of the awesome hair extension apparatus.

Appreciating that everyone learns at different rates, we will continue to work with you free of charge until we both feel that you have the skill set and confidence to go out into the industry and set up a  lucrative hair extension business with an outstanding reputation from the outset.

Once accredited then what?  Our business coaches will work with you should you wish, to help you with marketing strategies, goal setting, business building, the list goes on. The support is invaluable.

Many of our students contact us post training for advice, help and support with fittings. Your passion is our passion and we will continue to work with you to help you get to where you need to be.

The hair extension industry is set to be worth over $7billion by 2023. Take your piece of the pie!


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Architect Hair Extension Academy: Hair Extension Courses, 14 ABT accredited hair extensions methods, Full hair extension training kit, outstanding reputation, Maximum class size is 4 students to 1 tutor to ensure that you get hands on, in depth training. Many students up-skill with us AFTER training at other academies! Installments available. BOOK NOW with just a £100 deposit! Call or text +44(0)7805 129247

An abundance of students accredited


We pride ourselves on our exceptional hair extension training syllabus and the excellent standards maintained in the delivery of our hair extension courses. We are proud to boast that we have accredited many students from both the UK and overseas. Many of our students have gone onto set up lucrative businesses within the hair extensions industry with the assistance of our Free Marketing Courses.

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Our hair extension training courses are delivered from our approved training centres or you can opt for 121 training from your own premises. You will be taught how to professionally install hair extensions and inspired by our accredited trainers who have the technique, skills and passion to teach. On successful completion of your hair extension course, you will receive an industry approved, recognised Hair Extension Consultant certificate backed by ABT

14 Accredited hair extension courses

Inventors of the world's fastest Microring installation tool

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How the Easiring™ concept came about

 Easiring is a concept derived from an accredited training programme and is set to revolutionise the hair extension industry.  Easiring allows the user to install a full head of human hair extensions to anyone with healthy hair in as little as 30 minutes. The tool works by applying multiple micro rings to a person’s head, then several strands of hair extensions are inserted into the rings and clamped flat. 

MAY 19' PROMO. FREE Easiring™ toolbox, Easystrands unit or marketing course


What is Payl8r?

 Payl8r lets you book onto a hair extension course today without worrying about the cost.  With our flexible repayment plans, you decide when and how to pay back. Simply request  a payment link from us and spread the cost of your course into affordable monthly instalments.  

What makes Payl8r different?

 Payl8r is flexible finance for this generation. We don’t penalise you for having a thin credit file and use a soft search which will not affect your credit! If you have a thin credit file we will assess your affordability for the loan instead.  

How do we assess your affordability ?

If you fail a traditional credit check, rather than rejecting your application we may give you the option to submit your affordability instead. We use Open Banking technology which enables you to submit an electronic 90 day bank statement to support your application.   

What is the cost of using Payl8r?

 Interest rates from 0% per month  Application fees will apply   

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ABT Accredited Hair Extension Courses 07805129247

All of our hair extension courses are accredited and insured by ABT. Upon completion of your hair extension course, all students will receive an insurance approved certificate within 5 working days. Insurance works out at £43 per year.

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By Appointment

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