Architect Hair Extension Academy offers ground breaking accredited hair extension training courses in 14 different techniques to meet all of your clients’ hair extensions requirements, as well as providing a hair extension application service to the public.

We operate globally and have recently returned from working in Kuala Lumpur, assisting a salon owner launch a hair extension boutique. We have sites penned to launch in 2020 launching in the USA  Feb 2020 and Sydney April 2020.

Your hair extension course can be paid for over a period of 3-12  instalments via our Payl8r option or if not, a £45 deposit will secure your place. There is no necessity to have any prior qualifications on the entry level hair extension techniques. If you are the owner of a salon we can provide on site in salon hair extension training for you and your staff. Train 3 get one free is an incentive we are running. Classes are kept small so you will be sure to get the individual attention needed to ensure the  hair extension training course  is a complete success.


Following the successful completion of a hair extension course with Architect Hair Extension Academy, you will receive an ABT insurance approved certificate and insurance company details to show that you have attained the level of skill required to perform adequate hair extension installations.

Many of our accredited hair extension course students, have gone onto set up lucrative businesses earning thousands per week.

Can you afford not to?



Our hair extension training course session starts at 10am and finishes at approximately 4pm (method dependant). At Architect Hair Extension Academy, we will not rush your hair extension course experience. Should you require extra time, we will continue to work with you free of charge on an additional day which suits you to ensure that you feel confident in your chosen hair extensions application. Many students return to train with us after training elsewhere. This is because they have felt rushed or that they have been taught too many methods in a short space of time.



Architect hair extension training course students will receive a full training kit, arming you with all of the required hair extension  tools to perfect each and every installation after your hair extension course. An insurance approved certificate  will be given to you once a  pass has been granted. We provide outstanding post training support and you can benefit from discounts on additional courses. We offer assistance on pricing to stay competitive within the marketplace. Let's not forget a massive 40%  discount on amazing grades of 100% Remy human hair extensions.



 At Architect Hair Extension Academy  we recognise  that there is nothing like sitting your hair extension course on a live model for the very best training experience. Where possible, we prefer our students to fulfill their hair extension training course  on a human head. Failing that we will conduct  training  on our 100% human hair training heads. Post training we encourage our students to gain experience on as many live model case studies as possible instead of practising on a dolls head. No two heads are the same and the only way to excel is to apply hair extensions on as many different head shapes and sizes as possible.


Reputable Hair Extension Training Provider

Finding the right hair extension training course: We understand that the search for a reputable hair extension training provider can be overwhelming. You can easily be be blown away by the amount of "academies" claiming that they are market leaders, experienced, award winners, all giving advice on hair extensions etc... when in realism they may only deliver a training course per week, or once a month if that.

At Architect Hair Extension  Academy,  we let our reputation do the talking. We deliver 4 hair extension courses per week . We strive to ensure that our training sessions are unparalleled and cannot be competed with.

Retrain with architect


Having felt dissatisfied with the level of knowledge obtained during their initial hair extension training course elsewhere, many students resit their hair extension training  course with Architect Hair Extension Academy . Many of these students, with our help, have managed to turn their businesses around and are now running lucrative hair extension boutiques. 

Our experienced Educators


 All of our tutors are qualified not just in the basic hair extension training, (Teachers Training Awards) but are qualified assessors and some are  internal verifiers too. All of our teachers have previous Hair Extension installation experience, have run fantastic hair extension training courses, wear hair extensions and most have run their own successful hair extension businesses for many years, making their advice invaluable. 

training course Experience


With over 10 years hair extensions industry experience, over a decade hair extension training course experience and many hand written student testimonials, we are proud to announce that we have accredited over 3k students, not just here in the UK but abroad too. Many of which have gone onto win celebrity contracts and lucrative tenders. 

Friends & Partners of our Hair Extension training courses