Hair Extension Courses - The Directors Story

The Directors Story...

It started many, years ago. Sat at my desk, stuck in a crap job, with not so nice people and I hated it, really hated it. The only saving grace was the 30th of the month PAY DAY & that was only because it paid really well. In the midst of yet another crappy day, I had one of those “What am I doing rotting in here? where is my life going?” kinda moments, you know the one. Then like a bolt of light (some would call it a revelation) I call it God, this idea came to me..... “Go back to your first love”  hmm interesting? I pondered on this for a while My first love? like what a boy? ah no I get it HAIR! 

You see, there were only 2 black girls where I was brought up. Me and Sandra K (who, 26 years later happens to be one of my besties) We were surrounded by little white girls. Little white girls who had awesome hair. Hair that moved, hair that swayed in the wind, hair that didn’t resemble the ears of Mini Mouse and I loved it! Mama will tell you, I used to get ribbons and attach it to my little pom poms and watched that sucka swing in the wind too. I no longer got prodded and patted because now I was in the swinging club.

(no pun intended) 

Now, let’s not get this twisted. Over the years I have grown to embrace my awesome fro' in all its wonderful glory.  I love how it looks, how it feels. I embrace its 4c uniqueness. (yes all be it sometimes under a weave - it's my job, gimme a break). My household combines all hair types: A wavy haired ash blonde beaut of a hubby, a red head cool cat of a daughter, a sassy blonde, sports mad girl, & the newest addition, my curly, cutie, feisty gal. Let's not forget of course my incredible Afro soldier boy. A product for every hair type...


So, back to my first love. HAIR. To cut a very long story short, I got back into the game. Back into the salon world and I loved it. Finally home, but still something was missing. I needed something different to the norm, so I trained to be an extensionist and what an experience that was. I worked for many years as a mobile extensionist building and growing a client base. Over the years, I  progressed to opening a shop and opened 3 more boutiques throughout Yorkshire. Still not content and some years later, I trained to be a tutor/assessor. I wrote out 10 training syllabus’s which all achieved global accreditation. 

7 years ago THETA was born and I haven’t looked back. (well not most of the time anyway).

Where I initially trained were 20 odd of us plonked into an overheated hotel room. 20 students to 1 tutor. In fairness, and unsurprisingly she looked knackered and she taught knackered too. I went onto complete 4 methods in 1 day (too many to grasp properly) with very little theory work and no sign of being taught how to section. In honesty, my hot fusion bonds were crap. They were huge, they looked like maggots, they weren't rolled properly, they were sharp to the touch & in session  slid out. I still got a pass! My journey as an extensionist had its ups and downs. At one stage more downs than ups. There was no-one to help me, no one to guide me, nobody I could call on for assistance. Despite the promises of the (unamed) training school they had literally taken my money, talked a little, got me to pop a few extensions in and gave me a certificate. All this with ZERO post training support but instead a license to go and knacker as many heads as I could. It was bad, real bad. 

 At THETA we are unique. Our maximum class size is 4 students to 1 tutor. This is to ensure that we do not dilute our excellent quality and hands on, in depth training. Students have direct access to a tutor via phone, email, whats-app or text. We offer upskilling sessions and often encourage our students to keep coming back to iron out any bad habits they may have picked up along the way and to get more methods under their belt. We like to see  a range of case studies and where possible, the initial session on a live head. 

Our policy is “If we do not  get you up to scratch in the allocated time scale, then we will continue to teach you free of charge until we get you up to scratch.” Everyone has an initial telephone conversation with one of our tutors to ensure that you are learning the right method for your new venture and more importantly your target market. This is why you won’t see online booking forms on our website, we want to speak to you. We pride ourselves on being everything our competitors are not. Don’t get me wrong, we have a laugh and a joke with the best of em and if your lucky Sarah will give you a lesson in twerking, but ultimately our job is to churn out damn good extensionists. And boy have we done that! We have hundreds of hand written testimonials from our students thanking us for an amazing training experience. Your not going to be rushed training with THETA.  We will break down the syllabus so ensure that it is digestible to the learner. We have heaps of case studies of salon owners who have turned their businesses around, young mums setting up independently and now running lucrative boutiques, colleges and major hair extension suppliers wanting to partner with us, new methods constantly being introduced and I am proud to announce that we have invented and patented the worlds fastest Microring hair extension application tool. Easiring™

Mel x x

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