Hair Extension Hub, Leeds City Centre

 Our private hair extension hub is now open. Through surveys, we have identified that may of our clients prefer the more exquisite, private, 121 service.   Don't be expecting to see heaps of images plastered all over our pages showcasing our 8-28" transformations 😉 but do expect amazing quality human hair extensions, installed by the professionals who boast over 18 years experience in the game.  

🥂 14 methods to choose from 

🥂 Cheeky beverage on arrival 

🥂 Prices are flat and fair throughout all entry level methods. 

🥂 Late night opening mid week. 

☕️ Unlimited Milanese coffee  

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Our 100% human hair extensions are renowned for its extremely high quality which gives us an unwavering confidence in our products. Due to our commitment to only source and provide the very best human hair to our client's we are now leading the way as one of the top suppliers of human hair extensions in the industry.


Although the world of Hair Extensions  is vast, the amount of high quality hair in the industry is incredibly small - approximately 8% 

Finding a good source that is long lasting and genuinely high in quality can prove to be very difficult. We are so passionate about this industry, we have made it our mission to only provide the very best human hair extensions for our students. We source all of our products from young donors and our trade secret is the way we process the hair. Our procedure ensures not only the best quality human hair batches are produced, but also that its maximum lifespan can be achieved.

Virgin Remedy 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions do not tangle or matt. Our human hair extensions hold all of the attributes of natural flowing hair. It wears and washes with ease.

What is Remy Hair? 

The cuticles on Remy human hair all run in the same direction from root to tip. The hairs are either sewn onto a weft or bonded with Italian or German Keratin in the same direction that your natural hair grows. This is to ensure that it falls effortlessly.

Virgin Remedy Premium Human Hair has all of it's cuticles intact  

Each and every strand of our hair has it's cuticle intact. There is no silicone coating process involved in our Hysteria Virgin collection. Our hair is unprocessed, clean and natural.

Virgin Remedy  Human Hair has Reinforced Wefts & a Unique Keratin Bond  We use a 3 headed sewing machine to make our wefts to ensure that the hair does not shed. You can also wear the hair longer because the weft is very strong and will not break down.

How long will it last?

How long is a piece of string? Ok, so we could blag your heads and tell you that your new tresses will last you 5, 6 or 7 years even, but let's be real. (have you ever seen anyone with the exact same batch of hair in for that long?)    You see, each extension is attached to an anchor (fixing) this is often made from Italian or German keratin, liquid keratin or some other form of polymers. Either way, it is not made from steel, day to day styling means that you will experience some form of shedding, regardless of the fact that Superman himself rolled these bonds for you.   HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.  Somewhere throughout this hair extension journey, you may find that after a while, your clients hair may look a little limp from the day to day brushing & styling. If this is the case, we would advise that you tell your client to add a few new strands/tabs just to regain that thick, voluptuous look.  By following our aftercare guidelines to a tee, you can easily get 18 months - 2 years from a batch of hair extensions.  


Our Human Hair Extensions are continually tested against other well known brands for quality assurance and ALWAYS comes out on top. We have received incredible feedback from major salons, retailers and private professionals that have tested Virgin Remedy hair products against other larger, popular brands and they have confirmed unanimously that our quality is unrivalled.

 Our 100% Remy Human Hair. 


Premium Grades

Premium Grades

Premium Grades

Virgin Remedy Premium remy human hair extensions Hair Extensions are unparalleled in quality This is because every strand of the hair, whether in the formation of bulk hair, tape in hair extensions or wefts has it's cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to tip. This ensures that the Hair Extensions behave exactly like your client's natural hair and guarantees natural wave, fullness, lustre and remarkable usability 



Premium Grades

Premium Grades

 Virgin Remedy remy human hair extensions offers exclusive partnerships with re-sellers across the UK and on a global scale through our Authorised Re-seller Program. Candidates must match a specific set of criteria to be considered for the program, ensuring they meet the standards that our loyal clientele has come to expect from the VR experience.   



Premium Grades


Placing orders for remy human hair extensions , lace front wigs, tape in hair extensions and accessories is simple. Place orders via our online shop by clicking the link above. Because we have access to some of the best grades of hair in the world, we do not get complaints about its lustre, lasting quality or durability. Order now!