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Check out our hair extension videos and find out why training at Architect Hair Extension Academy will empower & equip you with the skills to go onto set up a lucrative hair extensions business witin the Hair Extension industry. Book your Hair Extension Course now 07805129247

What you get on your hair extension course

What do you get with our hair extension courses?

Train now Payl8r. Hair extension training

Why wait to save up for your hair extension course? We have now partnered up with  Payl8r which allows our UK students to train tomorrow, but spread the rest of the payments over 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly instalments. Learn how to apply hair extensions and build a lucrative business

Students in action

Following the successful completion of a hair extension course with Architect Hair Extension Academy, you will receive an ABT insurance approved certificate and insurance company details to show that you have attained the level of skill required to perform adequate hair extension installations. 


Many of our accredited hair extension course students, have gone onto set up lucrative businesses earning thousands per week.  Can you afford not to? 

Teeny Hair Extension class sizes

Non of this cramming 20 people into a room for a hair extension course . We pride ourselves on our small class sizes to ensure that you obtain the highest quality training and full attention to detail whilst applying hair extensions.

Meet Mel - She explains her favourite hair extension method

DID YOU KNOW? - There are 37 different hair extensions methods currently available on the market? At Architect Hair Extension Academy, we are accredited to teach 14 of the most popular hair extension courses. Check out our hair extension videos

Choose from 14 accredited hair extension techniques

Out of 37 Hair extension methods currently available on the market. We are one of THE only training schools in the world accredited to teach 14 of the most popular methods.

Guaranteed Pass Hype

Ourhair extension videos express our issue with promising a guaranteed pass on any fast track hair extension course. 

Our pledge: To work with you completely free of charge until you feel 100% comfortable and confident in performing your hair extensions installation on paying clients. 

Easiring Hair Extension Express threader/loop feeder

A word on how the Easiring™ hair extensions concept was initially born.

Meet Mel - Advice for any budding hair extension tutor

Mels advice on anyone wanting to join the hair extensions industry as a tutor. Talking from years and years experience as a qualified  hair extensionist and tutor running a successful international hair extension school. Check out this and many other hair extension videos

Meet Mel - Why she can't wait to conquer America

Mel explains why she loves all things USA and can't wait for her new cosmetology school to launch across the pond.

What she prefers? Hair extensionist or an inventor.

Check out Mel's hair extension videos as she explains which industry wins. Extensionism (is that even a word?) or inventorship. Book your hair extension course with the industry gur and make a lucrative income out of applying hair extensions.

Meet Mel - Work life balance

Mel gives her thoughts on being an "all in mum" to 4 children, an "all in wife", juggling 2 businesses, recently becoming an inventor, applying hair extensions, running 4 hair extension courses per week and how she thinks shes finally got the balance right. One of many awesome hair extension videos.

Hot Fusion Bonding Hair Extensions

Mel explains her honest thoughts on the Hot Fusion Bonding method, whilst serving a client of over 4 years.

Meet Mel - Life Goals

Mel explains her thoughts on life goals, plans and further aspirations.

Client consultation

How to perform an in depth client consultation, prior to any fitting.

Pitfalls in the invention process of the new Easiring™ tool

Mel explains in her hair extension videos, her journey during the process of inventing the new Easiring™ hair extension tool, which all stemmed from a very bad hair extension course...

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